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tyre - 165 R13 C AV10 Avanza Avon 91/89R

tyre - 165 R13 C AV10 Avanza Avon 91/89R Ecanto Light Truck Summer Specific vehicle parts Offroad Mud Terrain

tyre -  - Light Truck Summer, Specific vehicle parts, Ecanto

Light Truck Summer
AV10 Avanza
Load index:
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rolling resistance:
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The AV10 Avanza tyre from Avon is available in several dimensions.
The Avon AV10 Avanza presented above has a diameter of 13 inches. This Light Truck Summer tyre must be mounted on a steel or an alloy rim with a diameter of 13 inches. The width of the tyre face is 165 and the height is . It means that the size of the sidewall is % of the width of the tyre face. The maximum load that a tyre cancarry is shown by the load index indicated on the sidewall of the tyre (eg. with an index of 97, the maximum load is 730 kg). The load index of the above model is equal to 91/89. The load capacity of the Avon AV10 Avanza corresponding to this index of 91/89 should not be exceeded. The maximum speed that the tyre is capable of maintaining is represented by the letter R. This maximum speed, this Avon AV10 Avanza is capable of maintaining, should not be exceeded.

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