Find out growing up tyre sales

To start you need a system and of course buyers and sellers. It's hard to have all this at the same time. Thus enormous investments are necessary accompanied by enough persons, who can carry the expansion professionally.

But what's the right away? It's not that easy. maybe it will help you with the assessment. let's say you've done it all. you've got enough people to register and motivated a lot of sellers to sell their products. However, a small mistake was made. the top 5 season products are not attractive enough in price. Everything you did before, no matter how good it was, is not worth it because of this little mistake. This example is of course very simple and probably the mistake will not happen to them. But there are thousands of points that can have a significant impact.

growing upp tyre sales

In this graph you can see how we have been able to steadily increase the number of customers. At the same time, tire and rim sales as well as car parts sales increased.