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We have years of experience in strategic planning, sales optimization, market research, point of sales, comprehensive personnel solutions, supply chain logistics, production knowledge, pricing, financial analysis and competitive trends in the European market. Our mission is to help companies succeed in a demanding and constantly changing industry.

Tyre.in has provided services to both foreign and domestic companies, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, financial institutions and investors, and consulting firms. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we are able to combine information from various fields and provide it to our customers. We are very proud of our customer relationships and live from helping our customers succeed. Talk to us about how we can put our expertise to work for you.

Looking business consulting service?

We have several decades of experience in the tyre and rim market. In hundreds of projects we have supported our customers with our experience and contributed significantly to their success.

We have provide best consulting service

Service people

Our Service:

  • Price analysing and consulting
  • Fore cast planing
  • Big Data analysing
  • Product analysing

Powerful analysis

Our analysis team can carry out complex analyses in a variety of ways, helping you to be more effective yourself.

Fully consulting

We do not abandon them, no matter how difficult the tasks may be. Thanks to our large network, we are also in a position to process tasks outside our core competence - tyres, rims, car parts - effectively.

Ready for future

With us they are ready for the future. We know the trends of the future as we are in constant exchange with many hundreds of point of sales.

We have become the fastest growing

Example projects

Example projects

Planning and implementation of a merchandise management system tailored to the tyre trade with links to automatic goods procurement or external financial accounting systems.
Planning and implementation of a web-based configurator that solves the questions:
- which rim fits which vehicle?
- What will my car look like with the new wheels?
- where can I get the rim and how much does it cost?
Based on our detailed knowledge of the european market, we conducted a study on the price elasticity of tyres and rims. The focus here was on optimising yields while maximising the number of units sold.

Other services

Product sales forecast

Due to the fact that our customers are located all over the country, we are able to predict the demand for products very well. This is not only possible in terms of product dimensioning, but also at the level of product manufacturers and their substitution options.

Product pricing

It is not only important which tyres, rims and car parts are needed, but also to what quantities and when. Today, enormous sales are made via marketplaces. Product prices are subject to high fluctuation. Trend channels, peaks as well as times of constant prices change here permanently. Knowing when and at what price which quantities can be marketed is the question that all product managers have to ask themselves.

Marketing solutions

Due to the previous purchases of our customers, we are able to carry out tailor-made speeches by push and pull advertising. this guarantees our customers the best possible integration. only target-oriented advertising will allow them to continue to be successful in the future.

Our Clients

We have so many customers that we list only the industries here!

  • Tyre manufacturer
  • rim manufacturer
  • tyre wholesale
  • rim wholesale
  • car parts wholesale
  • car dealerships
  • Car workshops
  • tyre retailer

Today over hundreds of thousands of companies use our B2B marketplaces. The specialisation in one industry is very helpful to achieve optimal results.